Summer 2018

When is the right time to change a job?

The summer can be the perfect time as the weather is amazing and the nights are long; it can also be the time people are enjoying this incredible summer we have had.

However we also think it’s when you start to question in the morning before you go to work what your purpose is there.

We don’t want you to get to that stage because then your motivation is being sucked away.

The summer can be the perfect time to find a new job and we have so much going on especially since diversifying into aesthetics; an incredibly exciting industry to be a part of.

Please remember when you register with us that first impressions count so always remember :

  1. A full and current CV with all your telephone numbers and correct email addresses on;
  2. A covering letter please; just to let us know your passion, what excites you about the industry and an idea of your remuneration;
  3. A photograph that shows you off!

We really will do our best to match you to the environment and job you want and will carefully listen so we don’t get it wrong; even if we don’t have anything immediately, wouldn’t you rather us be honest with you so when you do make it move it’s the right one? 

We think so 🙂

We also urge anyone who is looking for a new job with us to send us the link to any jobs you see online; the chances are we can give you feedback or even have a direct contact which will save you application time!

Happy job hunting and stay passionate about this incredible industry.