Covid-19 impact on the aesthetics, spa and wellness world

We are in unprecedented times.


Who would have ever thought our world would be tipped upside down this time last year?


Businesses closed, staff furloughed, some have lost their jobs and businesses have folded. It’s really terribly sad.


The economy has completely shrunk.


After 3 weeks of lock down, we are all pretty reflective of how we live our lives.


We are thankful more than anything to key workers and NHS staff and I too am volunteering for the NHS during this time.


I think people are reflecting on many areas of their life; how to work more smartly from home and will things ever be the same again after this?


Missing our loved ones and parents puts some things into perspective that we take for granted every day.


Many are no longer making the money they were a month ago and adjusting to controlling costs whilst trying to keep their businesses afloat.


Making the most of getting outside for the one hour a day that we can.


In many ways it would be lovely to see society learn from this experience and grow from it; not just revert back to type but time will tell. We are all creatures of habit after all.


And so, the world will continue and we will get back to a sense of normality but this isn’t going to happen overnight or indeed in a few weeks.


We are in this for the medium to long term as until we find a vaccine we can’t all go back to our normal lives at the same time.


The process will need to be staggered and then to watch the outcome and take it step by step.
It could be that we let some industries back sooner than others; the ones where contact with people isn’t so prominent and distance can prevail.


This does question how our industry will adapt and it is now that I ask every single client of mine and anyone in this sector to start thinking about the future.


Places will re open; it may be staggered especially when you think about conducting facials and massage. Will you have the right protective equipment available for the safety and health of your teams? This all needs to be looked into and now.


You will need to think about social distancing in a way you have never had to before; staggering your appointments with clients, limiting the amount of people through the doors; thinking about your staffing levels to reflect demand and also space and social distancing.


Recruitment really will be key; to have a leader in their field supporting you when businesses in our industry start to reopen.


It is crucial you start to Skype/Video Call candidates now to get the ball rolling and be ahead of the curve because YOU WILL NEED STAFF. It is important to communicate with candidates that timelines for start dates are not yet set in stone but you can deliver a first class interview on Skype and we can assist and give you advice.


We want to support you so please get in touch with anything you need.


We have an amazing industry to be proud of and it will be back as big and beautiful as ever.