The below Spa Consultants and businesses are well respected in their fields and we are delighted to represent them as dedicated experts with an in-depth knowledge of their business.


And so, should you be looking to create a day spa or salon concept in the future that will far surpass your expectations and where you are looking for complete direction then please feel free to contact us or simply the companies directly.


Please also watch this space as we continue to develop partnerships with other spa related companies.

Blue Spa and Leisure Ltd

Blue Spa and Leisure Ltd, lead by Jeremy Smith, have been consulting for over 10 years, bringing a wealth of experience and knowledge to our clients.


We offer a very honest approach and taylor each consultancy package to the individual requirements of each project. If you are considering a new development, looking for a fresh approach to an existing business or need advice on operational management, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Our services include:
  • Project Design and Development
  • Operational Management
  • Feasibility, research and market analysis
  • Budgeting
  • Sales and marketing
  • Operational audits


Please email: or call 01225 334 544


Visit our website:

Paula Perkins Spa Consultancy

Spa and Wellness Consultant with extensive global experience in the 5 star luxury hotel and spa sector, for over 26 years. Passionate about Spa design, personalised & effective treatments, nutrition & detoxification, memorable service, preventive health, mindfulness, yoga and fitness.


Project managed many award winning projects through Spa Concept creation, Design development, Pre-opening, Recruitment, Sales & Marketing, Treatment development, all to ensure a successful and profitable business centre offering an exceptional customer experience.


Please refer to the company website for more details.


Paula Perkins Spa Consultancy is passionate about making a real difference and this could be whether creating an awarding-winning spa design, providing operational guidance to ensure revenue is maximised at all times, or by improving an individual’s well-being when they experience a spa we have supported. 


Our involvement will:-

  • Prevent expensive mistakes
  • Maximize investment and return
  • Guarantee an exceptional customer experience
  • Ensure a smooth & effective operation
  • Offer impartial advice independent to any spa brand or supplier



Any of the following services can be engaged individually or as a complete service for the vision of a new spa development or for the relaunch of an existing facility, needing a new direction.


Project Viability

  • Market Research
  • Competitors analysis
  • Business planning
  • Project Feasibility 


Vision and Concept

  • Concept Creation, Brief and defining unique selling points
  • Assist with Project Team Selection
  • Facility selection, Size and Adjacencies
  • Suitability of floor plans, focusing on Operational flow, maximizing revenue opportunities and a seamless Customer journey


Detailed Design Guidance 

Essential Design standards, detailed development and Operational guidance for the project team including reviews of all drawings and coordination with: 

    • Architects
    • Interior Designers
    • Lighting Designers
    • M & E Specialists
    • Pool and Heat Specialists
    • Audio Specialists
    • It Specialists
    • Landscape Architects


Paula Perkins Spa Consultancy does not draw as part of their services but will advise and guide the clients design team or can use other contacts and relationships to establish a design project team dependent on the project or client’s needs.


  • Hardware review
  • FF & E guidance and review of items chosen, to ensure suitability and longevity
  • Development of Heat experience areas and Pools including introduction to suitable suppliers
  • Review of Heat Experience and Pool drawings
  • Development of the Fitness areas including suggested suppliers for equipment and layouts
  • Review of Finishes to ensure their suitability
  • Signage, IT and Security requirements
  • Music Supplier guidance and installation requirements
  • Site visits, installation inspections and Snagging List



  • Pre-Opening Critical Path
  • Preopening Budgets including Operating stock and Equipment lists.
  • Spa Product Vendor Recommendations, Selection, Negotiations
  • Uniform Selection and Design for each staff member and suggest appropriate suppliers. 
  • Linen requirements and Design
  • Spa Menu of Services & Programming
  • Artwork Review
  • Spa Cuisine and Refreshment guidance
  • Selection of a suitable Spa Software System
  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures
  • Spa Set Up support



  • Collateral Creation for effective marketing and maximising capture rates
  • Logo creation
  • Website guidance and development
  • Marketing plans
  • PR strategy



  • Create an appropriate Staffing Structure
  • Screening, interviews and trade testing for all positions
  • Preparation of Job descriptions



  • Create a Pre – Opening Training plan
  • Prepare chosen venue for all training requirements
  • Training for the Spa team in the following modules
  • 5 Star Standards for operational excellence
  • Taking Effective Bookings
  • Upselling and Yield Management
  • Effective Retailing
  • Treatment Knowledge, Benefits and Contraindications
  • SOP Training
  • Treatment Room Set up
  • Hygiene and Sterilisation procedures
  • KPI management
  • Stock Control and Inventory
  • Effective Merchandising


Operational Support 

  • Business Reviews and Audit of current business performance
  • Financial Analysis
  • 5 Star Standards assessment with recommendations
  • Mystery shops